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WP2 - Field work and geological modelling

Field work will be carried out with the following purposes and approaches:
  • To obtain data enabling a satisfactory calibration/validation of the hydrological models, nitrate measurements will be collected in different streams in the Norsminde Fjord catchment.
  • To obtain data enabling a geostatistical characterisation of the geological heterogeneity of the upper geological layers where the majority of the water flow takes place. This will include a combination of existing data from well logs and geophysics, collection of new data using various drilling techniques (e.g. direct-push methods) as well as MiniSkyTEM and MRS.
  • To obtain data enabling a description of the redox interface and the heterogeneity of oxidised/reduced zones above and below this interface. This will include existing information on sediment colours from the well database and collection of new information about the position of the redox interface at different locations within the catchment. Supplementary measurements in the laboratory will provide new information on the reduction capacity of the different types of sediments within the catchment.

New geological models will be established for the catchments with the aim of deterministically including as much geological heterogeneity as possible in the shallow groundwater zone above and just below the redox front. In addition, stochastic approaches such as the TProGS will be utilized to generate realisations of heterogeneous geology on the basis of geostatistical information such as transition probabilities and variograms.

WP leader: Karsten Høgh Jensen

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