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WP1 - Geophysical techniques

New geophysical techniques will be developed and tested:
  • A dedicated SkyTEM system - MiniSkyTEM - will be developed with focus on resolution of the subsurface from 0 - 30 m (in practice resolution down to 60 - 80 m will be achieved) while operating at a speed of 100 - 140 km/hour. This implies reengineering of the carrier frame and to some degree the electronic devices.
  • A technique where geostatistical information from the measured MiniSkyTEM data itself is fed into the inversion algorithm will be tested and further developed.
  • The new MRS method will be applied with focus on quantification of how applicable the method is for characterization of the water content and porosity on a larger field scale.

Intensive comparison with estimated hydraulic parameters from models and those estimated from the measurements will be carried out.

WP leader: Esben Auken

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