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Final seminar presenting results!

Nitrate reduction in the subsurface - can we assess where this happens?


9 October 2014 at Aarhus University  

A successful end-user seminar (in Danish) was held 9 October 2014 at 'Søauditorierne' at Aarhus University with more than 100 participants from municipalities, ministries, farmers organisations, agricultural advisory services, water supply companies, engineering consulting companies, research institutes, NGOs etc. As results from the project were presented, discussion were vivid, ending with a panel (representing research, agriculture and nature preservation interests) discussion on the way forward.

Have a look at the Danish part of this web page for more information on the seminar.



End-user seminar on how to predict nitrate reduction in the sub-surface

19 January 2012 at the Department of GeoSciences, Aarhus University   

A end-user seminar (in Danish) was held 19 January 2012 at the Department of GeoSciences at Aarhus University. More than 100 persons from municipalities, private advisory companies (engineering and agriculture), research institutes etc. participated.  Have a look at the Danish part of the web page for more information.




HydroGeoSphere and FEFLOW - new hydrological model codes

Seminar held 31 May, 2011 at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)  

Hydrological modelling to support practical water management in Denmark has for the last 20 years been dominated by MIKE SHE and MODFLOW and very limited use has been made of other tools. During recent years several new model codes have emerged that in different ways possess the potential to add new capabilities to hydrological modelling.  As part of the NICA project this seminar was organised in May 2011 in Copenhagen to introduce and discuss two of these newer codes, HydroGeoSphere and FEFLOW. The workshop was a success with 40 participants, nice presentations and fruitful discussions. The speakers at the workshop were: 

Jens Christian Refsgaard, GEUS

Introduction to HydroGeoSphere (HGS)  
René Therrien, Laval University, Canada

Experience from use of HGS for modelling of flow and transport at a landfill site
Thomas Wernberg, Alectia A/S 

Introduction to FEFLOW  
Volker Clausnitzer, DHI-WASY

FEFLOW simulation of dynamic groundwater flow and solute transport
Søren Erbs Poulsen, Aarhus University 

Experience for use of FEFLOW to calibrate a 2D flow and transport model 
Carlos Duque, University of Copenhagen 



Geological Modelling using Stochastic Approaches

Workshop held October 12, 2010 at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS).

As part of the NICA project a workshop on geological modelling using geostatistical methods and stochastic approaches was arranged in October 2010 in Copenhagen. The workshop was a success with 30 participants, nice presentations and fruitful discussions. The speakers at the workshop were: 

Welcome and introduction to NICA
Jens Christian Refsgaard, GEUS

Transition probability geostatistics in a Quaternary aquifer complex
Lars Troldborg, GEUS

Multiple-point statistical approach to model geological heterogeneity
Timo Kessler, Technical University of Denmark

Conditional simulation of a large catchment using multiple-point statistics & TPROGS
Xiulan He, University of Copenhagen

3D stochastic modelling of litho-facies in The Netherlands
Jan L. Gunnink, TNO Geological Survey of the Netherlands

NICA project results from recent field investigations: geological and redox interface heterogeneity
Peter Frykman, Bertel Nilsson, Vibeke Ernstsen, GEUS 

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